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In the world of sales there are certain types of characteristics that you must take into account if your objective is to reach the highest levels of your market. For example, something that very few people notice, and which is crucial for your customers to come back, is the after sales service. We can’t help but tell you how important it is and the great benefits it will bring to your business.

Many people believe that only SEO strategies, web positioning and the way you present your product are the most important aspects, and to some extent they are; however, not everything is based on just delivering a product. What differentiates good business from excellent is the after sales service. In the following text we will tell you everything you need to know about this topic.

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What is the after-sales service

As the name implies, after-sales service refers to everything that is offered after the purchase is made. This is one of the most used strategies by ecommerce to make your store visible and people buy from it again. Remember that selling good products, delivering on time and reliability are not everything.

Many businesses, both physical and virtual, fail because they don’t get the visibility they need. A lot of people assume that this is due to the quality of the product or the SEO strategy they have, but in many cases the after sales service, or lack of it, is the main consequence.

Such a feature can make your profits grow exponentially, as it is a very good way for your customers to become loyal and allows you to find new ones. One of the oldest strategies in the markets is “word of mouth”; it will give you free publicity and you will see its consequences reflected in your popularity.

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In physical store

The after-sales service must be reflected both if you have a virtual store and if your business is a physical one. In the latter case, you will find that it is one of the best ways to create brand loyalty. It will always be good for the customer to know that there is a brand willing to help them after they have bought.

This is done in case the person is not satisfied with his purchase, has problems with it or has a defect. In such cases, you must be present to solve all the problems that may arise. Similarly in the returns and everything related to them, do not forget that your business depends on it.

In ONLINE shop

A long time ago, since people lost their fear of virtual shopping, today it is as common as entering a social network or online video content platform. By this we mean that virtual businesses are becoming more and more popular, so they receive more responsibility. One of them is to take care of everything that comes after the purchase.

For example, people want security in exchanges, returns and that their guarantees are respected. Another point is support, either with help in maintenance or in solving problems with the different services you offer.


Surely, as a client, you too have had to use the after sales service more than once. And that’s why it’s important to offer it and execute it correctly. Finally, you don’t have to worry, because with our POS, returns, rewards for good customers, etc., will be easy to manage thanks to the features of our POS. Any doubt, ask!

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<p>If you found this article useful, please rate it with <span>5 stars</span><p>

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