Billing series, what do they consist of?

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Today, many self-employed or SME professionals carry out two or more economic activities in their businesses. This is a recipe for success.

But so is accounting organization and compliance with regulations and billing requirements. In that sense, it is necessary to know and handle economic and accounting terms, much to the regret of the vast majority.

If you do not consider yourself a genius in economic sciences and you want to carry out your business accounting in a responsible and safe way; in this article we propose to explain you what is an invoicing line, its utilities and, in short, the direct benefits they bring to our professional success.

Billing Lines and Invoice Lines

First of all, we should not confuse it with the term “invoice lines” . The latter refers exclusively to the items on the invoice.

For example: in the supermarket invoice, each product would have its own invoice line. However, the invoice line refers to the activity itself and not to the specific products.

In other words, the invoice line refers to the set of invoices issued by a single vendor for a given activity.

An invoice line contains a numerical series that defines a specific economic activity. This allows you to differentiate the invoices issued with respect to the corresponding activity.

There are many possibilities for creating an invoice line to suit the needs of your business or company. From templates, personalized logos, own numbering, substitutions, corrections, etc.

We suggest you see the options offered by the INNOVA DELUXE POS to create billing lines, tailored to your business. It is simple and fast.

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Usefulness of the billing lines

Each activity carried out in a business must have its own numerical series, (as if it were a fingerprint) and therefore a unique billing line.

Let’s take another example.

An automotive company can offer maintenance services and at the same time provide the sale of spare parts for our car. The repair services performed will have a billing line with a unique numerical series, and the sale of parts will have a separate line.

At this moment you are wondering:

And what are the billing lines for, anyway?

Well, when a business or company carries out economic activities of different categories, (sales-services); the invoicing line will help to identify the sales details of each one of them.

This provides organization and will avoid that, at an accounting level, accounts are confused either for one activity or another; performed by the same company or by the same professional.

The invoicing lines will also allow us to manage our invoices according to the type of client, type of expense, business model, etc.

If you have found our article useful, leave us your comment. We invite you to know the options that our company offers for the creation of invoicing lines.

Highly recommended!

<p>If you found this article useful, please rate it with <span>5 stars</span><p>

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