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That your brand is known is very important, but that your brand is loved and people identify with it is even more important. In the world we live in, where there are endless options for everything we want, where from the Internet it is possible to get products, literally, from the other half of the world, the work of customer loyalty becomes a little more complex.

However, this challenge should serve as fuel for us to devise more dynamic and creative strategies. The fact is that customer loyalty is not about anything else but getting an occasional customer to become a regular one, using different marketing and sales techniques.

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How to build customer loyalty

Before talking about how, you should talk about why. Loyalty is one of the most important factors for a company today. Getting a customer to identify with the brand will bring us multiple advantages. For example, on an economic level customer retention is much more beneficial. We all know that implementing marketing strategies is very costly and not entirely safe.

When we have a customer base, the marketing investment is much lower. Similarly, much more economic benefits are achieved that can be reinvested in different aspects of the business. On the other hand, loyal customers will not go to the competition, which will weaken it.

Finally, we can obtain very valuable information from our customers, information that our competition ignores and that we can use to create strategies that will push us to new levels in the market.

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Customer Loyalty Strategies

A very basic and at the same time tremendously efficient strategy for customer loyalty is to offer quality products. Although it may seem obvious, this is a very simple way to win people’s affection. However, on many occasions it is necessary to put loyalty strategies into practice.

In this section we will show you three of the main strategies:

Loyalty programs

Although it is one of the oldest strategies in existence, it is still one of the most efficient when it comes to building customer loyalty. It is based on a points program with rewards for those who manage to reach certain objectives. I’m sure you know of a store or supermarket that implements this strategy. Achieving goals such as being a VIP customer or special gifts is a very good incentive for loyalty. And with our TPV you can apply a point program that will help you with the loyalty of those customers you are so interested in.

Offer support to your clients

Having good communication and an assertive response to your customers is very important today. However, you can go a step further and become a sort of “sponsor”. By this we mean that you can support projects, for example by giving visibility to initiatives of artistic, ecological or any other kind.

Excellence in customer service

A satisfied customer is one who will return to your store, for sure. The important thing at this point is that you understand that the sale does not end with the purchase of the product or service. You must seek complete customer satisfaction, even after the sale has ended, this is essential for efficient customer loyalty.

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It is less expensive to keep a customer than to attract a new one. So don’t overlook the opportunity of loyalty, and above all, don’t worry about how to carry it out. With the features of our ERP software you will have it easy. If you have any questions, the comments are at your disposal.


<p>If you found this article useful, please rate it with <span>5 stars</span><p>

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