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Our clients must be the priority when carrying out the different businesses of our company. Providing them with information on all the details of their campaigns, keeping them informed of the management we have carried out for their product, will be the basis of a long and fruitful relationship for both parties.

This is achieved by giving them the key information to help them understand the growth and impact that has been achieved with the different strategies we have developed. As we do this, people will start to become more interested in our services, as they will see that our company is responsible in communicating with clients and this is all achieved through the client report.

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What is a customer report

When you work on marketing campaigns or are doing business for others, they will always want to know what the results are in order to take action. The purpose of the customer report is to provide this type of information in a simple, convenient and easy to understand way. In this way, it will be possible to know the growth that we have achieved with the different actions that we set in motion.

It is made up of multiple information, such as the contents we have made, the reach and the impression they have left, the community increase and different factors important to develop with our clients

How to perform a customer report

The client report is of superlative importance, especially if we understand that it will be the best way to strengthen the relationship between the different agencies and their clients. For that reason, all the monitoring tools must be available to achieve a visually attractive result that is easy to understand and that shows the relevant data. In the same way, it is important to know that there are some key elements to make up a document of this type, below we will tell you some of them.

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Analyze current campaigns

One of the most important aspects in business, both physical and virtual, is its presence in social networks. If one of your clients invests in a campaign, in a given time they will want to know how they are doing and how they can improve. In these cases you must give all the pertinent information, including the aspects of the content that has been shared, the repercussions that these had and the influencers that joined the campaign, in a positive or negative way.


Competition will always be something that customers will have in mind. Besides knowing how their campaigns are going, you will have to let them know how their opponents’ campaigns are going. It is important that you show them how you quantify the information about the competition, how you compare each aspect and the networks where there is more movement. This type of information will make them understand the shortcomings and create efficient strategies.

Strengths and weaknesses

It is important to show your customers the strategies that are giving the best results, this will demonstrate the efficiency of your company or the strategies you devised. Although it’s good to give excellent news, make sure the data provided is weighty and, in case things are not going well, let them know along with a strategy to correct it.


Have you ever done a customer report? Was it easy or difficult? Don’t forget that our ERP software offers you this possibility. And if there is something you want to add to the post, remember that you have the comment field for that!

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