Installation and access to the ERP

Learn how to install, connect to PrestaShop and access the ERP as an administrator.

General and common uses of ERP

Learn how to use the general functions of the ERP to speed up your daily work.

Clients, control and management

Customer management is one of the most important tasks, learn how to use it.

Catalogue management - Products

Learn how to manage the products you will have both for your online store and in PrestaShop.

Catalog Management - Categories

Manages store categories for both the physical store and the online store

Merchandise and warehouse management

Learn how to control stock activity, storage bins, physical storage, etc.

Management of purchases from suppliers

Learn how to work smoothly in the management of purchasing goods from your suppliers.

Sales Management

Learn how to manage the sales of your stores, both physical and online, or how to prepare budgets.

Innovacommerce Fee System

Learn how to create price lists for products without changing the prices in the onlie store.

Billing management

Learn how to carry out invoicing procedures (issued, rectified and supported, etc...)

Report Generation

Learn how to use the reports available in the ERP and learn how to create new ones.

Advanced options

Learn how to configure the essential options correctly (transport, zones, taxes, etc...)

Additional tools

Tools that make it easier for us to work with the application and our shop, learn how to work with them.

Extra modules to add new functions

You can enhance the tools in the ERP with some extra modules, learn how they are added.

Common Errors and Problem Solving

We explain you how to solve the most common problems in your daily work with the application.

Managing updates in InnovaCommerce

Learn how to update the program for the latest improvements and fixes.
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