Installation and configuration of the POS

Implementation of the InnovaCommerce POS system in a few minutes

Managing updates in InnovaCommerce

Detail of how to make an update of InnovaCommerce to the latest version available.

InnovaCommerce POS error management

General solutions to the most common problems in daily work with InnovaCommerce POS

Handling of InnovaCommerce POS

Learn how to work with the different options of the Point of Sale

Edition of the sales tickets

Learn how to edit the lines of the cashier tickets at the POS to change units, prices, etc..

Peripherals with InnovaCommerce POS

What you should know about the different devices you can use in conjunction with the POS.

Configuring the ticket printer

Configure all the necessary parameters to be able to print your cashier tickets correctly.

Adaptable interface to monitors and tablets

Different interface size options to suit different monitor and tablet sizes

Making returns from the POS

Learn how to make a return either for an exchange or a refund.

Making returns at the POS (2)

More options to make return of goods or amount paid for the customer's order.

Cash closing and totalling

Learn how to do the daily cash closings to keep an exact control of the sales.

Daily cash closures for each POS

Learn how to close the active session and check the sales for each payment method enabled in the POS.

Money movements at the POS cashier

Control all incoming and outgoing money from your cash register so that at the end of the daily closing everything checks out.

Credit and sales on account system at the POS

Management of the system for collecting debts from customers working on prepaid credit.

Advanced short code functionality

Perform repetitive tasks quickly with advanced commands from code entry

Shelf Label Designer

Learn how to use the label designer for products and save time using the code reader.

Multisales at POS (requires ERP)

Thanks to the added function in the ERP, you can sell from the same POS with several vendors.

Goods receipt in the store

We show you how to receive the merchandise in the store and register it in the POS system.

POS sale to registered customer

Learn how to assign a sale at the POS to a customer who is already registered in the database.

Negotiated credit sale

How to create sales on account of the credit of a registered customer with whom you have negotiated this form of payment.

Generate invoice for registered customer

How to create, download and print a standard legal invoice for a customer registered in the database

Cash Desk Ticket (Simplified Invoice)

Know what a simplified invoice is and everything that makes it up to be legal.

Advanced product search

Learn how to use the product finder on the POS and add the product you are looking for to your ticket.

Adding products using a code reader

Use the code reader to work quickly to serve the greatest number of customers.

Collect a PrestaShop order

Your customers will be able to buy in your online store, picking up and paying for the order in your physical store.

Working with Parked Tickets

Leave a ticket temporarily parked for another customer and retrieve the ticket later.

Adding manual lines to a ticket

Edit tickets by adding manual lines for concepts that are not in the database.

Adding discounts and coupons

Learn how to work with discounts or coupons from the online store in your POS.

Multi-store/Multi-warehouse, shared stock,...

PrestaShop's advanced options are often complex, learn how to use it on the POS.

Prestashop loyalty points

Learn how to use PrestaShop's loyalty point system from the POS.

Create products from the POS

From the POS you have a functionality to create products without having to go to the ERP or PrestaShop.

How to create Gift Tickets

Learn how to create Gift Vouchers as a duplicate to simplified invoices for returns.

Configuring the ticket logo

Set your store's logo correctly on the ticket, follow the necessary steps.

Multi-store and multi-warehouse (configuration)

Know all the configurations that you have to do for its correct operation with InnovaCommerce.

Transfer of goods between stores

Learn how to transfer products between stores in the same chain without mismatching the stock.

Innovacommerce Fee System

Implementation of the InnovaCommerce POS system in a few minutes
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