How to get InnovaCommerce

Hiring our product is very easy. Just follow the steps below to make sure you get the tool you really need. We explain in detail what you need to know to make the right decision when hiring.
1. What version of Prestashop does your online store have?
First, make sure your PrestaShop is a version 1.6.x or 1.7.x. If it is a lower version, we are sorry but we cannot offer you our programs as they are only compatible with these versions of PrestaShop virtual stores. Please note, if your online store is PrestaShop 1.7, you will not be able to have 100% of the functionalities, since in that version they have removed the stores.
If you need it, we can offer you PrestaShop services to upgrade your Prestashop store to the latest stable version.
2. What is your hosting provider?
Make sure your store is not hosted on a poor quality hosting server. Our program does not work well with hosting providers that give little resources to hosting. Don’t skimp on getting a quality hosting for your PrestaShop online store, it’s one of the things that will make you more profitable.
The more quality hosting, the faster and more reliable your online store is, the more sales conversions you’ll get.
If you need it, we can offer you hosting services, with the highest quality servers hosted in Europe.
3. Does your team have enough resources? Read the minimum requirements for your team
Make sure you have a computer powerful enough to work quickly and smoothly with InnovaCommerce applications. You can see in the minimum requirements section what you need for our program to work properly.
4. Is your internet connection enough to run the program correctly?
Make sure you also have a quality Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth, since you will be working against your PrestaShop online store at all times.
It is very common that with small bandwidths, you have micro cuts in your connection, in these cases you may have problems and it will not be the fault of our application but of your Internet connection.
We recommend that if you have this problem you talk to your phone operator or change to another provider.
Check the minimum requirements section to find out what bandwidth is needed.
5. Review the features included in the program
Now check out the program features section and please read the entire page to see what the program includes. Keep in mind that we will not add new features to the program unless requested by several users, so make sure that the InnovaCommerce application you are going to hire includes everything you need.
It is possible that in the future we will add new features that you need, but we will not assure you that it will be so.
6. Request a demonstration of the program by a technician
To help you know how far our program can go, you can request a demonstration of InnovaCommerce by one of our technicians.
Do not hire anything without having had a demonstration, contact us to offer you the demo before your hiring.
Note that it is not our fault if you hire an application that then is not what you need, we offer you all possible options so you can be sure. Make sure that no refunds are given.
7. Have you read the support section?
You should also read the support section to know what you are entitled to when subscribing to an InnovaCommerce application. It is important that you know your rights and limitations in terms of support for the program.
We will not support you beyond what you have contracted, so make sure it is what you need.
For example, we do not offer phone support, we will not answer your support calls, you will have to request email support, which is the standard support offered for free.
8. Have you read the training section?
You should also read the training section of InnovaCommerce. It is important that you also know how you can be trained in the program. We offer different options, some included in the subscription to the contracted program and others are budgeted separately. Make sure that what we offer you is what you need. You can hire personalized training, so contact us so that we can explain the options and provide you with the rates.
9. Select the plan to hire
Now it’s time to sign up for your InnovaCommerce program.
Contact us so that we can provide you with the current rates. You can subscribe in different modalities (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual).
If you need to install the program on more than one computer, let us know so that we can inform you if there are any promotions available at that time. Remember that subscriptions are paid per installed equipment.

When you contract your subscription, you can also contract the implementation on your computer connected to your online store, as well as personalized training. You will be informed of the modalities and your invoicing data to create a customer account and generate the order.

10. You've already hired, now comes the payment
If you have already contracted your subscription, as soon as you proceed with the payment, you will have available the download and license number of the program. You can now start its installation.
If you have contracted the implementation, in a maximum of 48 working hours, one of our technicians will leave it running on your computer remotely.
11. Downloading, installing and connecting the program
Here is that the order is paid, because now, download the program and copy the license code and keep it well stored, will be the most important data for you.
If in the future you have to contact us, you will have to indicate the license code so that we know who you are or in case you have to reinstall the application.

If you have not contracted the implementation and you are going to do it on your own, you can consult the documentation section, you have a specific article for the installation of the program. If you need help, you will have to contact us to contract the implementation.

12. That's it, get to work, what are you waiting for?
You can start working from here.
If you have any problem with the program report the incident from the program and it will reach the support team. If it’s another type of issue you can’t report from the program, send an email with a screenshot so we know what’s going on.
But keep in mind that not everything can be solved immediately or in the same day.
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