How to have excellent customer service

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One of the fundamental aspects that, strangely enough, many companies do not take into account is customer service. You have to create a satisfactory experience, knowing that customers will recommend you if they are treated well and leave you on the floor if you do the opposite. No one likes to be treated badly in any area of life, and this is most evident in the business world.

However, this is something that happens more often than it seems. Many of us have had experience of all kinds to the point of not feeling like a valued customer, transformed into another nuisance to be endured.

What is customer service

As we said before, in addition to providing good products or services, companies must know how to treat customers. To offer them a friendly, courteous and helpful treatment in every aspect of the purchase and after it. This is evident when workers greet customers in a pleasant way, when they are interested in their needs and seek to satisfy them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Similarly, it can be the case that the same worker can attend to a specific client for a long time. At this point, a strategy of personalization of the treatment should be adopted, providing a treatment according to their tastes and needs. Customer service also refers to the speed with which customer orders are taken, products are delivered and concerns are resolved.

However, the atmosphere is also an important point. Creating a welcoming place, where people feel comfortable and safe, will be a very important plus in the development of strategies to attract customers.

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Getting good customer service

The first thing you must take into account is that you must not exclude your customers by talking about them as “clients” or “buyers”. If you want to use another term, we can suggest “guest”, because this way you would be the host and in charge of their welfare. In the end, seeing them happy will be the reward you have always been waiting for.

Similarly, good service is about anticipating the needs of your customers. For example, the waiter who fills the glasses or brings the bill on time. This goes hand in hand with being respectful and polite at all times, otherwise customers will know and it will be unrecoverable.

One of the strategies for your customers to become loyal is to treat them all as if they were VIPs. The only boss you should have is the customer, so your attention to him should be as good as if he were really your boss. They have hundreds of options to spend their money and every time someone despises them another one will want to satisfy their needs, so you should not lose to someone else simply because you could not give a good deal.


The customer is the heart of your business. Without them, you do not exist. So we hope we have given you some clues on how you can achieve excellent customer service so that your business enjoys a loyal clientele. But above all, remember to treat your customer the way you would like to be treated. And if you also want to be able to treat your customers in a personalized way, don’t forget to check out all the features of our ERP software for ON and OFF stores.

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<p>If you found this article useful, please rate it with <span>5 stars</span><p>

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