How to make an inventory report. Learn with an example

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The inventory report or inventory report is a very important element in the management of your business.

It allows you to have an exhaustive control of everything you have in stock. In this way, you will check that the inventory coincides with the numbers reflected in the production or sales areas and thanks to this, you can anticipate future demand, supplying your business with all the products you need.

The inventory report will allow you to know the status of your warehouse at any given time. This way you can be aware of how many products you have, classify them and detect surpluses or shortages in your stock.

In this article we will show you how to make an inventory by means of a simple example that will allow you to know its main details.

What is an inventory report?

The inventory report is a report that reflects the current state of your warehouse. It serves to account for the amount of products you have at the time when this control is performed.

Depending on the nature of the business and the variables associated with it, the inventory report may have different characteristics.

However, experts recommend taking into account all the elements related to our stock, from the quantity of products, surpluses and shortages, to inputs or shrinkage.

How is an inventory done?

Now that we know the definition of inventory report, it is time to know what are the main keys to take into account in this process.

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Build a list with all the items you have in the warehouse in an organized way, perhaps alphabetically.
Indicate the quantity you have of each one, highlighting those that are already out of stock.
Leave a space for the description of the products and their characteristics. Here you can differentiate them by size, color or other variables.
Set a price for each product.

At the beginning place the number of the report and the date on which it is made, taking into account that inventories should be made from time to time. At the end, place your signature or that of the warehouse manager to certify the proper supervision of the inventory.

You can do this easily and with the parameters you want in an Excel table. However, nowadays you will find highly sophisticated software with which you can make inventories easily and quickly, and even generate reports whenever you want, thanks to its automatic update.

Technology at the service of our business.

Inventory example

Here is a simple example of an inventory report in a jewelry store, to make the concept even clearer

Report 01 Date:

CodeDescriptionPriceQty01Venus Quartz

Ring302002Maria Pearl

Necklace201003Cross Gold Earrings505


It should be noted that this is a very basic example of an inventory report, but it illustrates the main elements that should be reflected in the report.

Ideally, you should opt for advanced software that automates the whole process, especially if you manage multiple warehouses.

<p>If you found this article useful, please rate it with <span>5 stars</span><p>

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