How to organise a warehouse

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It is normal that companies wonder how to organize a warehouse, and is that in many cases do not have what is necessary to optimize space and, therefore, improve productivity. We must understand that logistics is one of the key points in all businesses no matter what their specialty.

Undoubtedly the organization and logistics is a fundamental aspect, and given the continued growth of e-commerce, in addition to the boom in orders, wondering about how to organize a logistics warehouse becomes more than necessary. In the following text we talk about some steps to follow to achieve the best organization.

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How to organize a logistics warehouse

Before starting with the organization we must take into account the size of the warehouse we have, in addition to the amount of orders that are made to take the most appropriate strategies. In this sense, you must take into account different factors such as market behavior, business strategy, sales model, supply chain and production, in addition to the space and money available.

Once we have this information we can know if we need to outsource a warehouse or we can manage it on our own. Now, here are some tips on how to organize warehouse logistics.

Reduce travel

In this sense, the best thing you can do is to have the right machinery to optimize the distribution of products on the shelves. Similarly, it is important to limit the transport of heavy loads, this can be done by equipping your warehouse with forklifts.

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On the other hand, you can invest in a wrapping machine, filler production or sealing machines. These types of items will help you in the logistics process, reduce time and save costs.

Organize space and create logistic routes

One of the key points is to use the space you have as efficiently as possible. To do this, it is advisable to create logistical routes that can help you with this purpose. Similarly, we recommend that you have a numbering of the products and the sections where they are located.

In general, organization will always be one of the best ways to keep a safe inventory of all goods. Establish delimited areas; for example, areas of departure and arrival, receipt of goods, loading and unloading, storage and so on.


This is one of the most useful techniques when it comes to creating good logistics. It consists of the product remaining as little as possible in the facilities. Once the goods arrive at our door, they should immediately be moved directly to the freight transport without passing through stock. This will not generate a bottleneck of the same and avoids that it remains several days in the warehouse.

This will be essential when it comes to maintaining the prices of our products. As you know, the longer the goods remain in the warehouse, the more visible is the fall of its value and, in the same way, we avoid possible damages, thefts or losses.

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