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What support options are available to you as a customer of any of the InnovaCommerce applications?

By getting some of the InnovaCommerce applications you are entitled to some things as standard with your annual subscription and others you can contract as an additional service separately.

What is included as standard when you sign up for an annual subscription to InnovaCommerce?

Continuous updates

When you contract a subscription to any of the InnovaCommerce applications, you will have all the updates that we take out of the program as standard, this is without any cost, totally FREE. There are two types of updates, the continuous ones for correcting errors in the application or the ones we remove from time to time to add new features. You will have your application updated, the software will warn you every time there is a new update so you can decide if you want to update or not. If the update causes you any problems, you will be able to restore to the previous version. Everything will be as you had it before and you can try again later.
If you are worried about the version changes of PrestaShop, don’t worry, the InnovaCommerce POS application is updated to these new versions of PrestaShop. It will not be immediately, since first the new version of PrestaShop must be totally stable for us to start working, but as soon as there is a stable version, we will update our application.
And remember, if you need help updating your PrestaShop, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you with this important and complex task. Ask for a quote.

Basic Support

When contracting a subscription to InnovaCommerce you are entitled to the FREE basic support service, this means that any incidence you have in the program, which is an error in the application, you can report it from the application itself and it will reach us so that we can solve it and get an update that solves the bug of the application as soon as possible.
Having this kind of support means that you can contact us, for any kind of support you need and we will help you.
To have support for doubts, tasks you don’t know how to do, database connection cuts, temporary program blocking, etc… you should check the documentation wiki or contact the company that runs your online store, this kind of support is not included in the FREE basic support.
We do NOT offer phone support, support is always by tickets (Email).
Support from your online store, not related to program problems, is NOT included. It is a paid service.
It is possible that with the above you do not have enough to start your activity and you will need to hire some additional services such as the implementation of the software in your business, personalized training or technical support for incidents.


Software implementation

Installing the InnovaCommerce POS application is simple, just like any other Windows software. But connecting the application to your Prestashop store’s database is not so simple if you don’t have some knowledge about it.

You must know how to open a database for external connections from other applications, so you must know how to manage your hosting panel to do this task. You can find all the information you need to install it in our documentation wiki on this website. But sometimes it can be that a connection gets stuck without knowing why and you are not able to carry it out.

Do not worry, our technical team can help you with this task of implementing InnovaCommerce. When you sign up for your subscription, we offer you as an additional service, the implementation of the software in your business, connecting the application with the database of your Prestashop online store.

We can also help you with the initial configuration of the application. This information is also in our wiki, but if you don’t understand something we can help you by hiring additional support.

To do these tasks, we will have to connect through a remote control software to your computer. With the remote control connection, you will be able to see how all the work is done and when it is finished you will be able to cut the remote connection and your computer will not be able to be accessed until you give permission again if you need help.
For any support task, the use of a remote connection program is necessary, so if you don’t want us to use it, we won’t be able to help you.


Customized training

In this same web you have available a documentation wiki with a lot of articles so you can learn how to use the InnovaCommerce applications, it is completely free. But in many occasions, we see that merchants additionally need personalized training to learn how to use the programs quickly and thus be able to start working in the business almost immediately.

For this reason, we offer you personalized distance learning courses, by skype, given by our official trainers. You will have intensive customized training at distance or in person.

You will be able to contract personalized training when you contract your subscription to InnovaCommerce, or later when you see what you need to learn. You can request intensive distance training. The training can be for you alone or for a group of employees in your company. We do not offer In-company training.

The method of delivering the training is by skype. You will need to have a headset or speakers and a microphone. You do not need a webcam, as it is the trainer who shares his screen with you.

The cost of the training is determined by the number of hours. We have stipulated a few hours of distance training according to the experiences we have had previously with other clients, but if you need us to give more hours, there will be no problem in doing so, we adapt to you.
As we pay per hour of training, there will be no problem in giving less time if that is what you think you need, the minimum is 2 hours.

Advanced technical support

When you sign up for a subscription to InnovaCommerce, free basic support is included as standard, as explained above. But as a general rule almost 100% of the customers need extra help from a technician. That’s why we offer you advanced support service on an hourly basis.

There can be different situations that exceed the basic support of the subscription and for which you will need extra support:

  • Doubt about the use of the application. For the doubts you have the Wiki, if you ask us any by email you will receive an answer, but if you ask us many, we will offer you to contract personalized training, since in the basic support it is not training.
  • Connection problems with your hosting If suddenly one day the program does not connect to the database, you will need a technician to check the incident and help you to solve it. This has nothing to do with our program but with your hosting, so for this you will need to hire hourly support.
  • Slow down problems. If the program is very slow, you will need a technician to check your entire work environment to determine where the slow problem is coming from. It can be from your hosting, your Internet connection, your computer, etc… This is not part of the support offered as these are factors that are alien to our application. You can hire a technician for as long as you need.
  • Problems with updates. The update process of InnovaCommerce is simple, but there are times that either the process is not followed correctly or the update fails due to causes beyond the application, in this case, you have the option to go back to the previous version, but if you do not know why this happens, you will not be able to update, for that one of our technicians can help you by hiring extra support.
By hiring professional advanced support for InnovaCommerce, we will offer you support in several ways, support by e-mail, by phone and by remote connection.

What kind of support do we offer for InnovaCommerce?

Soporte por control remoto

This type of support is always LIMITED and under consideration of whether or not it is indispensable by the technician.

If the assigned technician considers that a remote control intervention is necessary with the customer to see a problem or solve it, he will communicate it, agreeing on a time for the intervention that suits the customer.
The remote connections are always made during the support hours set by the technician. The customer can request an intervention by remote control, but only the technician will decide if it is necessary, since in many occasions the interventions by remote control are not necessary.
To perform the remote control, the client will have to install on his computer a small application called Ammyy or Teamviwer, which will tell him where to download from.

If you are not willing to have remote controls in your computer, it is better not to contract advanced support or a subscription to InnovaCommerce, sometimes it is essential to see how to solve a problem.

Phone support

Telephone support is generally LIMITED to specific types of calls. This type of support is only for emergencies with the application. Only telephone or skype queries are attended to if a technician considers it essential. This is usually only for serious problems with the application.

We do not usually attend simple usage queries, these queries must be made by e-mail/ticket. It is recommended to send an email first and once there is confirmation from the technician, a conversation will be established by skype or telephone.
With the free basic support we do not offer phone support. If you hire extended support by the hour, if necessary, the technician will attend by phone to talk directly to the incidents you have, once you have an email with the explanation. The technicians never attend direct calls from customers who do not have this service contracted.

Support by e-mail

The support by email/ticket is UNLIMITED, you can send all the emails you need to ask for help when you have any incidence with ‘Strong’.

You can contact the technician by email or ticket from the support system. We recommend this last way, it is the perfect option so that all your messages always arrive to us, the e-mails there are times that they do not arrive.
This kind of support is recommended to ask for help about doubts with the applications InnovaCommerce or to report problems you have with the application. Remember that if you have many doubts we will refer you to the Wiki or hire personalized training.

This is the support included for FREE with your subscription to InnovaCommerce. This is the support we prefer because we can attend your query according to the priority level it has and it will not interrupt the most urgent support we are solving at every moment.

Have you already hired InnovaCommerce and need support?

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