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Learn how to use InnovaCommerce at your own pace with our wiki or in an intensive way with personalized courses given by our technicians

We provide you with everything you need to learn how to use InnovaCommerce applications quickly and easily. We provide you with the official documentation Wiki so that you can progress at your own pace or we offer you personalized courses, given by our technicians remotely.

Official documentation

Access to the Wiki with all the necessary information to use the application

Although we try to make the InnovaCommerce application simple and intuitive, due to the large amount of features included (we add new ones every month), you will surely need help with some of its tools. For example, the Point of Sale Terminal compatible with Prestashop virtual stores (InnovaCommerce POS), is very easy to use, but includes some more advanced features for which you will have to train to use them correctly. It also includes much more complex features for business management, for which you will need to review the application’s user manual quite often until you have mastered it.
In the official documentation wiki you can consult the operation of the application, you have articles created for everything they include.
From this website you can consult the application’s user manual and solve all the doubts about the operation of InnovaCommerce.
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