InnovaCommerce POS

The best POS software Prestashop for physical store 100% integrated and compatible, with real time synchronization with your online store Now selling in a Prestashop online store and in your physical store is not a problem. With InnovaCommerce POS, now the stock will be unified, since you will use a single database, the PrestaShop online store. Fully automatically, and without synchronization on demand as in other Commerce POS software.

But you can also use it as PrestaShop POS software for physical store without the need to sell on the Internet, installed a local environment and, if someday you want to sell on the Internet, you will have everything available and in less than an hour, you can upload everything to the Internet and start selling on both sites in a unified way.

Isn’t it great?

Important things you should know about InnovaCommerce POS

100% integrated with your online store

Finally you have a PrestaShop POS software with which you can work in your physical store without worrying about your online store. Now you can sell with peace of mind since you will be using a single stock for both stores. When you sell in your local store, the stock will be deducted from the database and you will no longer be able to sell in your PrestaShop store if there is no more stock, thus avoiding the so problematic stock breaks.

Compatible with Prestashop 1.6 and 1.7

InnovaCommerce POS is compatible with PrestaShop versions 1.6 and 1.7, achieving a complete integration with the databases of these versions. In this way, we have achieved an optimal functioning of the TPV Software and a total integration with your physical store.
Supported versions: PrestaShop 1.6 and 1.7

Multi-language supported POS software

InnovaCommerce POS is multi-language, so you can use the program in your native language, being translated into Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. We are working on the translation of several languages to give the greatest possible coverage. If your language is not in the list of supported languages or in which we are working, you can help us to translate the program to your language.

Professional support and customized training

When you sign up for a subscription to InnovaCommerce, we will offer you the support you need for any issue you may have.
In addition, if you need a course to learn how to use the program immediately, we also offer personalized training, so you can start your activity immediately.

Compatible with Windows operating systems

InnovaCommerce is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. It is not compatible with any previous system such as Windows XP. In order to have such a powerful, reliable and modern POS software for stores, we have had to dispense with support for older operating systems because Microsoft does not support systems before Windows 7.

Incompatibility with other installation environments

Unfortunately our POS software does not work properly on non-native Windows environments. Therefore, it is not compatible with either Apple’s Mac operating systems or Linux distributions. InnovaCommerce does not behave properly on virtual machines or working with Windows Remote Desktop.

Official Documentation and FAQ Wiki

You have all the information you need to learn how to use the application quickly and easily. With easy to understand texts without technical languages to avoid confusion. You will see how InnovaCommerce POS has no complexity in its daily use. A complete wiki, with all the explanations of the program’s functionalities.

Updates for new features

You will have access to continuous automatic updates to solve any incident that may occur in the program, as well as new features, when you contract the subscription to InnovaCommerce POS. If you miss any functionality in your POS software, request it from our sales department.


Simplified Invoice

For each sale you make, a simplified ticket or invoice will be generated. In this ticket, in addition to the data associated with the sale, the information regarding the employee who made the sale, the date, the simplified invoice or order number and the tax breakdown will appear. You can customize the ticket by changing the header, sub-header and footer of your ticket with as many lines as necessary, as well as selecting a logo for the ticket. The width of the ticket is manually selectable and it is also compatible with older printers that print in RAW format avoiding the slowness caused by the characteristics of the printer.

Gift Tickets

InnovaCommerce TPV allows you to print a gift ticket to give to customers who request it. This ticket is different from the usual ticket only in that it does not print the prices of each of the products or the total of the ticket. In addition, as extra information to identify the sale in case of a possible return, the order number is included. Therefore it is only a ticket for the purpose of product exchange as it is not a simplified invoice.
It is essential when the purchase is made by a customer to give it to another person, who may want to change it later.

Discounts and coupons

If you want to make a discount on the current ticket, you can do it on a ticket line or on the whole ticket. This discount can be of percentage or of fixed amount. The POS will add a new ticket line detailing the amount discounted and the concept. If your customer has a discount coupon or gift voucher from your online store, they will be able to use it. The POS will be responsible for carrying out all the necessary operations, indicating on the sales ticket the use of this coupon and the result of the same or type of discount.

Loyalty points

You will have a point system available for your customers for each purchase, so that they can redeem it for discounts on subsequent purchases.
To use the customer loyalty point system in conjunction with PrestaShop, you only need to activate the Loyalty (or customer reward) module in your online store, this module comes by default in version 1.6 of PrestaShop.
Once activated, you must configure it according to your needs. While the module is active, when you make a sale from the POS associated with a customer of the online store, it will automatically assign its points exactly as if it had made the purchase through your website, in addition your client will be able to consult this information through your online store.
For PrestaShop 1.7 it does not come by default, but you can buy it from
The customer will be able to use the points on the web, even if he or she got them in the physical store,

Quick Function Codes

From the InnovaCommerce POS code entry field, you can perform operations through advanced commands. You can repeat the last line entered, change the quantity of products for the next line, associate the selected customer with a sale or apply a discount coupon. These types of operations are very useful for very repetitive tasks, as they save you a great deal of time in your daily work. We recommend that you learn them by heart. You will also have other options available from the options panel by means of simple buttons.

Movement of cash

From InnovaCommerce POS you will have total control over all incoming and outgoing money from your cash register. You will be able to reflect all these movements in your database, being automatically associated to the current session and being reflected in the later closing of the cash desk. You will have control of the money by simply checking the daily closings. In this way you will know what day you had some kind of mismatch and where it could have come from.

Transfers between stores

If your business has several physical establishments in which you sell the same products, it will be quite common to have to send products from one store to another in order to make sales of products that you have sold out but that are available in another of your stores. From InnovaCommerce POS you will be able to manage these transfers, the POS will be in charge of updating the stocks in each warehouse assigned to each physical store.

Product creation

InnovaCommerce POS allows you to register products directly from the POS. Create fast products to put on sale immediately. For example, if a package arrives from your supplier and you want to sell it without waiting to register it in your database, add the product with basic data for the sale in the POS and then complete the rest of the information from the Prestashop panel or from the InnovaCommerce management functionalities. If the product includes a barcode, you will only have to pass it through the reader, complete the requested information and you will be able to add it to the ticket. The complete creation of products is available, with all their data, as if you created it yourself from your Prestashop panel.

Collect web order

To make the purchase process easier for your customers with the POS and the in-store collection and payment module, available at, you will allow your customers to place orders in your Prestashop virtual store but have them pay in the physical store, increasing the possibilities of payment and saving on shipping costs, which will allow you to increase the volume of their purchases. To do this, the POS includes the option to retrieve orders made from the web (online store). When you retrieve an order made from the web, the POS will detect the customer with whom the order is associated and will carry out the whole process as if the order had been paid for from the web (online store).

Parking a ticket

A very recurrent case in physical stores is the need to park a sale, open a new ticket and later continue with the previous sale. You can park as many tickets as you need and recover them later, while being able to attend to the needs of other customers. Do not worry about whether any of the products on the parked ticket are sold online, the POS will reserve the products by subtracting them from the general stock so that they will not be sold online until you finish the sale in the physical store. If you cancel the parked ticket, the reserved stock will once again be available in the online store for sale.

Customers with credit sales

With the InnovaCommerce POS you will have the possibility of making credit sales from a customer, who has previously been assigned to your account. To assign this credit to the customer you have available a section in the POS specifically for this purpose. Once the credit has been assigned, associate the sale of the current ticket to the customer and apply it to his account. Later on you will be able to collect the debt, generating a receipt from the POS, with the payments being reflected in the accounting and in the Prestashop store

Daily cash closures

The POS helps you to perform daily cash closures. From the terminal window when you close the current terminal session, the amount sold in each of the payment methods will be reflected, so you can see the payment methods most used by your customers. In this window you will be able to indicate the amount in cashbox and the TPV will indicate if your cashbox has suffered any mishap during the open session. You can check all the history of closings made on your terminal, receiving a detailed breakdown of payment methods and taxes, obtaining all the information necessary to present the quarterly taxes.

Advanced search engine

To make your searches as fast as possible, the POS includes an advanced product search engine in which you can search for your products by EAN13, UPC codes, product reference, product name or default category. Just by selecting the product or combination from the search results obtained, the product will be added to your ticket. You will be able to access this search engine in a very easy way thanks to the POS interface, since it is perfectly adapted to touch screens and to work with computers with mouse and keyboard.

Multi-warehouse, multi-shop...

Do you have a multi-store configuration in Prestashop? A multi-store configuration? Both? The POS contemplates ALL. You can associate to each terminal a store of your multistore and if it has one, a store of that multistore, being able to generate a network of POS connected to different stores of different stores (ideal for franchises or chain stores). Consult the Uses section of InnovaCommerce and you will see all the possibilities.

Label creation

When you receive an order from a supplier, you usually label it with the price and barcode you have assigned to it, so that the customer can see the price and you can easily add it to the till ticket using a code reader. From InnovaCommerce POS you can generate labels for products with APLI brand templates. You select the product, the information to be displayed and ready, to be printed.

Assign sales to a customer

The sales made from the default POS are associated with a client created in the initial installation of the program. This is the POS client and uses your store address for the calculation of specific taxes and prices. These sales do not generate an invoice in the online store, as these would not be fiscally correct. Instead it generates a simplified invoice. If you want to associate the sale to a customer you can do so, select the customer and select the address to which the sale is associated, this way the specific prices and discounts associated with the customer will be calculated. Once the sale is completed, an invoice will be created associated with the order. If the customer does not exist, you can create it from the POS and then select it.

Adding manual lines

It is very common in some businesses to charge for labor or manipulations that normally do not exist as a product in the store’s database, for example for stores that have a workshop such as mobile phones or bicycles. For this purpose, InnovaCommerce POS has the option of creating “Manual Lines” on the tickets. It may also be the case that you have received new merchandise and have not yet registered it in your store, but you want to sell some units quickly, you can add it as a manual line in the ticket and close its sale. To create a manual line you only have to indicate the units, the concept to be charged, its base price and the tax to be applied. It’s that simple.

Ticket editing

InnovaCommerce POS allows you to edit the lines of a ticket that you have already created. From the TPV you can modify the final price of a product “on the fly” or the units added to the ticket. Simply activate the manual editing of lines, double click on the field to be edited and InnovaCommerce POS will perform all the necessary calculations in real time to relocate the stock if necessary. If you want to cancel the sale or delete an existing line, you can do it quickly and easily. Do not worry about the stock, InnovaCommerce POS takes care of everything safely by updating the database.

Printing of legal invoice

When a customer comes to your store and makes a purchase, you will usually give them the purchase receipt which is a simplified invoice, but the customer may ask you for a normal invoice. If the sale to a certain customer has been associated in InnovaCommerce POS, you can generate the purchase invoice and print it from the TPV, you only need to have a normal A4 printer connected to the POS equipment, you can use both types of printers. You can do this easily and your customer will be satisfied.

Returns from the POS

You can manage the returns from the POS in a simple way, add the products to your ticket and edit the line, mark as many negative units as you are going to return, the Stock will be added automatically. For this return to be fiscally correct, you must add a manual line to your ticket indicating as a concept the simplified invoice or invoice on which you make this return. You can also use the create return button and follow the steps indicated to return the purchase to the customer. If you finish it on the customer’s account, this amount will be available as a credit.

Add with code reader

If you have barcodes of your products configured in your Prestashop store you can add them directly using a code reader. Simply by scanning the product code or one of its combinations the POS will add the product to the ticket with the units you have selected. If you have more than one product with the same reference, don’t worry, when you scan the product the POS will display a new selection window with all the products that match the query made, allowing you to select any of them very easily.


If you have a business in which you have several sellers but only have one counter with a single POS system, with InnovaCommerce POS all your employees can work on the same POS and in the same establishment. When an employee goes to make a sale they can identify themselves and the sale will be associated with their employee account so you can give incentives to the best sellers in your store, all you need is a subscription to InnovaCommerce.

Product reception

Receive orders from suppliers in your physical store and register them in your store through InnovaCommerce, or update from the POS the stock in the store if they are replacement products. InnovaCommerce POS takes care of all the updating management in the database by assigning the stocks to the store associated with the physical store if there are several or to the general store if there is only one.

Touchscreen POS, computer or tablet

The POS interface is designed to fit any size of monitor without any operation on your part. As display options, you can choose whether or not to show product images or text, also if you want to change the product name to the reference, and you can choose from four different display modes. From the same interface you can clear the local image cache with just one button and the images will be downloaded again automatically and in the background to prevent the system from slowing down. Very useful if you see that you have a problem with product images. Now also a special view to install on Windows Tablets.


InnovaCommece is a solution that includes a large number of useful features to manage both physical stores and your PrestaShop online store. In addition, thanks to the integration with premium modules for PrestaShop stores you will have new functionalities.

Complete customer management

You will be able to access the information of all the customers in your Prestashop store, as well as create new customers or edit existing ones. It includes a customer summary sheet from which you can directly create a new address, see the orders placed and repeat any of them manually, as well as other useful information for your daily work. Customer tab optimized for when placing telephone orders from regular customers.

Credit Management

You can assign credit to your customers for sales via the POS or by phone. If you have negotiated special financing conditions, from this section you will be able to mark up to what amount they can buy in your physical store without having to pay at the time of purchase. Either because you have charged them in advance or because you pass on a charge to their bank after reaching the marked amount, this is the option you should use for this purpose.

Address Management

InnovaCommerce allows you to access all the customer addresses available in your PrestaShop store. It allows you to create new addresses for your customers, edit existing ones and display these addresses on the map to quickly locate the area in which a customer is located. Very useful if you want to know to which of your commercials this customer belongs.

Salesmen and Commercials

If your business is one that works with salespeople who visit your customers to place their orders, or if you have different salespeople, at InnovaCommerce you will be able to maintain the management of them. You will be able to create Salesmen/Commercials that receive commission on all sales from customers associated with your account, or from other associated salesmen. With several levels of salesmen each with their respective commissions.

Customer group management

You can manage the information of all the customer groups available in your PrestaShop store or create new customer groups for your physical business from InnovaCommerce and you will have the possibility to edit the groups, create new groups and manage the status of the existing groups. You will be able to apply discounts by categories as well as from PrestaShop.
You will not need to enter the online store to perform these tasks.

Product Catalogue Management

You can manage the product catalog of your online store and physical store quickly and easily, either with multiple stores (PrestaShop 1.6) or with the use of the Prestashop multistore. You can activate and deactivate products, add new products to your catalog or modify existing products. Create products with combinations in a single step. Generate product combinations automatically with our combination generator, you only have to choose the attributes and values of the product.

Generate product labels

You can generate labels for the products using the most popular APLI branded templates. Just choose the template you want to use, the product to be labelled and the number of labels you want. You can print labels indicating the original price of the product and its reduced price. A good way to label products either for use in the physical store indicating the discounted prices or to have a product control for the Prestashop online store. All in a very simple way.

Category Management

Manage the product categories for your online store and physical store and configure the categories of your POS. Review, edit and reassign existing categories or add new ones for any of your stores, either with multi-warehouse (only PrestaShop 1.6) or with multi-shop.

Generation of attributes and values

And to complete the management of your products, you can also create attributes and values for product combinations from InnovaCommerce. You will be able to manage the already existing attributes and values as well as create new attributes and values. Everything from the program, without having to access your online store to do so.

Order Management

You can check the orders from your Prestashop online store or from your stores if you use multistore and also from the physical stores. You can change the status of multiple orders from any of your stores at once. Generate order slips with a customized template. Create new orders and edit existing ones. You will be able to quickly review the pending orders. You can generate shipping labels or manage shipping with refunds. At a glance you will see all order information, products and quantities, totals breakdown, customer billing and shipping information, messages associated with the order,…
You can also manage the payments of your orders, checking all the payments that have been made, either total or partial, and add payments on it.
Manage if the order is paid by due dates, payments pending, payments already due and the due date of each of them. You will receive an alert with the payments that are due every day so that you don’t have to be on top of this task, the system works for you and warns you when you have to intervene.

Orders with partial shipments

Si necesitas realizar envíos parciales, dejando pendientes los artículos que no tienes en stock, desde InnovaCommerce puedes gestionar y consultar los pedidos en el estado “Parcialmente enviado”, pudiendo generar un albarán para los pedidos empaquetados y otro diferente para los pedidos a empaquetar. Tendrás un control total sobre los productos que aún no has empaquetado y enviado.

Orders to be sent

It allows you to consult the orders that have not yet been sent. It generates shipping labels for each order, indicating the number of packages in the order and whether the order is being shipped with a refund. The system will keep you informed through alerts of pending orders and will generate a new alert if there are updates on pending orders.

You will be able to consult among the orders pending shipment, those that are pending to be packed and you will be able to mark the products that have already been packed, in order to have a record of the units packed and to be packed. The system will keep you informed through alerts of the orders that can be packed with the available stock.

Returns Management

Manage from InnovaCommerce the returns of merchandise. You can check orders that have been cancelled or returned, returned goods and create return vouchers for these products redeemable from InnovaCommerce POS or from your online store.

Budget Management

Make quotes from InnovaCommerce and send them directly to your customers by email. You can mark as accepted the budgets and convert them into an order directly so that the customer only has to make the payment and send him the invoice once marked as paid. An essential tool for any merchant.

Billing lines

You can create different billing lines with different prefixes and numbering to make the invoices of your company. You can have different billing lines if you have several stores or physical warehouses, or if you want to differentiate by activity if you are dedicated to several things.

Management of sales invoices

From InnovaCommerce you can manage all your invoices, being able to generate invoices for each of the billing lines created for your business or download the invoices issued in your Prestashop online store. You can have one billing line for your physical business or several and a different one for your online store. You will be able to export all the invoices easily to send them to the agency.

Expense invoice management

In order to keep a correct control of all your expenses, we provide you with this section so that you can add all the supported invoices and their status. Keep track of whether you have already paid them or they are pending to be charged at the bank. Very useful for later accounting.

Equity surcharge

From InnovaCommerce, you can manage the customers that require a matching surcharge so that you can generate the necessary invoices with this concept. You need to have in your online store the matching surcharge module for Prestashop from Innovadeluxe. You can buy the module at
Functionality for Spain and other countries with the same operation.

Supplier order management

Complete management of goods orders to suppliers. From InnovaCommerce you can order your products from the suppliers you work with. You will be able to receive the goods sent by your suppliers and add the stock directly to the reception warehouse.

Suppliers and manufacturers

You can manage your suppliers or manufacturers and you can add new ones quickly. Essential information to keep track of your product catalogue. Information that can be used both for your local store and for Prestashop.

Ordering from a sale

If you have been ordered a considerable amount of products and you run out of stock, from InnovaCommerce you will be able to order directly from your supplier from a sale. Very useful for on-demand orders of products not available in your store and that you must buy in order to serve your customers.

Ordering by minimum stock

You will be able to set up minimum stock warnings so that when you reach a set limit, you can order from your suppliers. This way you will never run out of the goods you sell the most. You don’t have to be constantly aware of your stock, because InnovaCommece works for you.

Customer reports

InnovaCommerce allows you to create reports with information about the customers of your online store or physical stores. You can filter by customer ID, group to which they belong, date of registration in the store or by their age, and make a breakdown of addresses or orders placed for each of them among other things.

Sales reports

InnovaCommerce allows you to create reports of your sales to keep track of which orders are placed most often in your store. You can filter your store’s sales by customer, status, IDs, date created, and even break down the products associated with each sale.

Purchasing reports

InnovaCommerce allows you to create detailed reports of all purchases from your suppliers. You can filter between purchases by each supplier, by date or by status and you can also create a breakdown of the products included in each purchase to find out which products you have bought most.

Product reports

With InnovaCommerce you can create detailed reports of your product catalog, among which you can filter by category, reference, name, ID, supplier, date of creation, … and you can get a complete breakdown of combinations. You will be able to obtain very valuable information for your business.

Inventory reports

You will be able to create detailed reports on the stock situation of your business’ products, being able to filter by product category, reference, name, ID, creation date or warehouse in which it is available (only prestashop 1.6), you will obtain a report of margins and value of the stock both in purchase price and retail price.
Characteristics of the POS


  • Fully automatic Prestashop TV, forget about complicated settings or unscheduling in your stocks.
  • You can create multiple terminals with customized configurations per device.
  • Optimized for both touch and keyboard/mouse use.
  • Easy navigation between product categories
  • Installation and configuration in a few steps, you can start working in less than 5 minutes.
  • Easy to use, compatible with all USB printers and ticket readers on the market.If your reader and printer are installed and running on Windows, don’t worry with InnovaCommerce they will work.
  • No central server is needed to use it, it integrates with your web server.
  • Customize your store’s prices.Just create a group, change its pricing rules and associate them to the POS customer.
  • Different taxes for different stores.Set up your stores addresses from Prestashop backoffice and InnovaCommerce will automatically detect the taxes in your area.
  • Quickly view the data of your last sale: Amount, quantity delivered and change


  • Total personalization of purchase ticket. You can customize the header, sub-header and footer text.
  • You can add your logo to the ticket to apply your corporate image.
  • You can choose the way you see your products and categories. You can choose between text only, image only or both.
  • The images of your products and categories are downloaded automatically, from the web, without the need to make previous downloads.
  • The POS automatically adapts to your screen resolution.
  • Fast and intuitive.
  • Your ticket will not become endless, equal products are grouped together and only occupy one line.
  • Your customers can request a “gift ticket” to accompany their sales.
  • Have the images on the web changed? Clear the image cache with a single button press and the images will be regenerated when you open the POS.


  • Integrated 100% with Prestashop InnovaCommerce TPV integrates with Prestashop in a transparent way for the user.
  • Multi-warehouse: Configure the POS to work from any of your warehouses.
  • You can have multiple POS, each one working on a different warehouse or several working on a unique warehouse being able to identify the sales of each of the POS.
  • InnovaCommerce warns you if the product you want to add is not in stock in the warehouse.
  • Forget about selling the same product twice. The stock is synchronized automatically, without breaks or mismatches.
  • All Prestashop pricing and discount rules apply. Both product and category rules apply.
  • The sales prices will be the same as on the website.
  • It allows to collect orders placed on the web and pending payment with a simple click. ( Associated with our payment module in store, you can buy it at Innovadeluxe).


  • Allows you to associate the sales from the POS to a customer of your online store, so the invoice will be created automatically and available for download from the customer account.
  • Respect the loyalty points configured in Prestashop and accumulated in the online store.
  • Generate loyalty points for your customers with every purchase.
  • Allows the use of discount coupons and gift tickets accumulated or created from Prestashop in the POS.
  • Allows discounts on the purchase manually. These discounts are reflected as a new line in the ticket.
  • Respect the personalized discounts for each customer.Your price will be the same as in the online store.
  • Payments on account.Customer credit system integrated directly with the POS.


  • Quick commands to control the POS from the search box.
  • Add your products and combinations by means of their barcode.
  • Use “%” followed by a number to quickly change the quantity for the next line.
  • Use “+” to repeat the product of the last line.
  • Use “#” and scan a customer coupon so that it is automatically applied to your ticket.
  • Use “$” followed by the client ID to quickly change clients.
  • Introduce manual lines in your ticket. Do you need to charge a concept that does not exist as a product? Create a manual line and it will automatically be reflected in the ticket, in the customer’s invoice and in your Prestashop backoffice.
  • Have you added a product twice? Change the line manually or simply delete it. Don’t worry your stock will be updated instantly.
  • Do you need to make a return? Modify the line and put the units to be returned in negative. Automatically the stock will be updated and an order will be created with the quantity in negative.
  • Park the tickets and retrieve the sale later, the stock will remain discounted.
  • Cancel the tickets at the touch of a button, the stock will be replenished automatically.
  • Quickly browse the category tree from the category bar. Return to the top node or to the home page only by pressing a button.

Control and security

  • Breakdown and closure of the desired time frame. You can make closings by shift, daily, weekly…
  • Check the history of the closings made in the terminal and at a glance you can check the economic data of it.
  • Cash withdrawals and cash receipts It reflects all the movements that are made on your POS.
  • Check all the events that take place in the terminal. From the closing history you can check the cash withdrawals and cash desk entries with their corresponding concept and the manual openings of the drawer made from the POS, as well as the employee who made the event.
  • Offer security to your clients in the payments on account. These payments will generate a specific ticket with signature to validate their identity.
  • Access to the application is done through the employee account. All the events and operations are associated to the employee ID.
  • All operations on your store’s database are ACID transactions


  • Is my ticket reader compatible? Is my printer compatible? are common questions and the answer in almost all cases is “YES”. If your printer and your “gun” are correctly configured with Windows you will have no problem working with InnovaCommerce.


  • Available in Spanish
  • Available in English
  • Available in French
  • Available in Portuguese
  • Available in Italian
Picture gallery

Different uses of InnovaCommerce POS

InnovaCommerce the multi-channel, multi-environment, multi-shop and multi-vendor Point-of-Sale Terminal, you won’t find anything like it.
InnovaCommerce POS can be used in different environments: a virtual store with a physical store, an online store with several physical stores, a physical store with a local server without an online store, and can even be used in a franchise with different possibilities.

Tienda online Prestashop + 1 Terminal Punto de venta (TPV)

Prestashop online store + 1 Point of Sale (POS)

This is the simplest configuration. It is the right configuration for a physical store with only one POS terminal that wants to have sales synchronized with its Prestashop virtual store. It is the standard configuration for the vast majority of merchants.

Tienda física con servidor local (sin tienda online) + 1 Terminal Punto de venta (TPV)

Physical store with local server (without online store) + 1 Point of Sale (POS)

It is the right configuration for a physical store with only one POS terminal that does not want to have an online store, it only needs one POS terminal to charge at the counter. This way you will work very fast and without the possibility of connection cuts. But it gives you the possibility to create the online shop in the future and transfer all the data in just minutes. We could take care of this whole migration process with total guarantee.

Tienda online Prestashop + varios Terminales Punto de venta (TPV)

Prestashop online store + various Point of Sale (POS)

It is the right configuration for a physical store that has several counters and wants to have a point of sale (POS) terminal at each counter so that different employees can get paid and also wants all those sales to be synchronized with your Prestashop virtual store.

Tienda online Prestashop + varias tiendas físicas con un solo Terminal Punto de venta (TPV) por tienda

Prestashop online store + several physical stores with only one Point of Sale (POS) per store

It is the right configuration for a chain of physical stores that need to have a point of sale (POS) in each physical store and also want all those sales to be synchronized with their Prestashop virtual store, but need to have differentiated stocks for each physical store.

Prestashop online store + several physical stores with several POS terminals per store

It is the right configuration for a chain of physical stores that need to have several point of sale (POS) terminals per store, one in each counter so that different employees can get paid and also want all those sales to be synchronized with their Prestashop virtual store, and also need to have differentiated stocks for each physical store and control the sales of each POS per employee.

Tienda online Prestashop + un solo Terminal Punto de venta (TPV) por tienda Franquiciada

Prestashop online store + only one Point of Sale (POS) per franchise store

This is the simplest setup for a franchise. It is the right configuration for a physical store with only one point of sale (POS) that wants to have the sales synchronized with the Prestashop virtual store provided by the franchise. It would be for a store independent of the franchise, without control of this one on the catalogue and its sales.

Tienda online Prestashop + Varios Terminales Punto de venta (TPV) por tienda Franquiciada

Prestashop online store + Various Point of Sale (POS) terminals per franchise store

This is the simplest configuration for a franchise with large stores. It is the right configuration for a physical store that due to its size needs to have several point of sale (POS) terminals, one for each counter in the store so that they can charge several employees at the same time and that wants to have the sales synchronized with the Prestashop virtual store that the franchise provides. It would be for a store independent of the franchise, without control of this on the catalog and its sales.

Multi-tienda online Prestashop + 1 Terminal Punto de venta (TPV) por tienda Franquiciada + control central

Prestashop online multistore + 1 Point of Sale Terminal (POS) per franchise store + central control

This is the right configuration for a network of physical stores that have one Prestashop virtual store each, that need only one point of sale (POS) in each physical store and also want all those sales to be synchronized with their Prestashop online store. In addition, with this configuration, the franchise’s main store (Multi-Store) controls the entire catalog of products offered by the franchised stores, even controlling their sales, so that special prices can be applied to the franchises that sell the most. The franchise would have access to all the configurations of its franchised stores as super-administrators.

Prestashop online multi-shop + several Points of Sale (POS) per franchise store + central control

It is the right configuration for a network of physical stores that have a Prestashop virtual store each, which need several point of sale (POS) terminals in each physical store, one for each counter in the store, so that different employees can be paid and also want all those sales to be synchronized with their Prestashop virtual store, but need to have different sales for each POS per employee. Moreover, with this configuration, the main store (Multi-Store) of the franchise controls the whole catalogue of products offered to the franchised stores, even controlling their sales, so they can apply special prices to the franchises that sell the most. The franchise would have access to all the configurations of its franchised stores as super-administrators.

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