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One of the most important parts in any company is the purchase management. As you can see, having all the relevant information, knowing about suppliers, knowing what money will be invested in and what kind of goods we will receive is one of the most accurate and efficient ways of control we can have.

Many people believe that buying means something simple, one more action of the endless that our company will demand from us. The reality is that, when buying products, it is necessary to have certain requirements, knowledge that will avoid possible problems and future complications.

What is a purchase report

First of all we must know that a management report is a document that shows the coordination, management, administration and direction activities that were carried out in a certain period. This period of time varies according to the activity you are analyzing, but it is normal that it is done on a quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis.

Thus, a sales report will reflect the movements that our company has made in terms of acquisition of goods. This type of tool ensures that our business has the best possible suppliers, acquires the necessary services and manages the budget properly.

For some time now, purchasing has ceased to be just another element and has become a key activity, especially if we understand that it can be used to generate strategies for the organization. With the arrival of globalization and new technologies, it is normal that companies want to reduce basic costs, especially if we understand that buying is the element that spends more money in business and have control is a good opportunity to reduce costs and increase profits.

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How to make a purchase report

To make the report of purchases of a company must take into account multiple elements, each one of them is important and will allow you to know exactly the movements that are generated in our business. For example, it is important that this document is made by the person who has directed the sales. For obvious reasons, this individual or group of individuals will have enough knowledge to prepare the report correctly.

Once this is understood, the report must incorporate a heading that includes certain types of data such as: type of document, date it is about, department that prepares it, company it belongs to and the person to whom it is addressed. If you need to present it to an organization or a wider group, it is not necessary to put the name of it.

You will then make an introduction where you will briefly explain the reasons why you are making the report, this in order that the recipient understands the whole document in a basic way. Once this is done, we go into the development of the report, where you must have clear some points such as the background, which are the reasons for making the report.

The sources of information where you will get the material to develop it. Likewise, the methodology used to develop the material; the problems you have encountered while developing it and important data referring to the economic situation of the company.


As we said at the beginning of the post, the sales report is essential for the proper management of your store, whether online or physical. And our ERP software is designed to help you with this task. Whether you have to make the reports for yourself, or have partners or shareholders to whom you have to respond or report. Do you have any questions? Anything to add?

<p>If you found this article useful, please rate it with <span>5 stars</span><p>

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