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This time of year sales are increasing and it is not surprising. We all want to give our loved ones something to show our love for them. However, sometimes we are short of money or payments don’t come in at the right time. Such situations are very common and more occur today than we think. Now, what to do when this happens and we still need to make purchases.

There is a very simple option to understand and which thousands of people make use of every year. Credit sales have long been the best option for those who want to buy goods and pay for them little by little or in the near future. In the following text we will tell you everything you need to know about credit sales.

What is a credit sale

When we speak of credit sales, we refer to the operation of selling different products or services which will be paid for in a deferred manner through a credit. Over the years it has become one of the most popular forms of purchase in the world. This is because it allows you to make large or small purchases, either personally or commercially, and pay gradually.

To make this type of purchase people usually use credit cards which are one of the most widely used means of payment today. In this way, the person will use financing from the firm that guarantees the card, which implies a certain type of interest determined by the bank. There are times when the store itself offers financing to people and this is increasingly common.

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Selling merchandise on credit

The process of selling merchandise on credit is very simple. When the sale is made, the seller exchanges a good or service with the promise that payment will be made in the near future, this in case he finances the transaction himself. In the case of a third party, say a bank, it will take care of the payment and bear the risk involved.

Although banks or individuals do not do this at first sight. For example, financial institutions rely on a person’s payment history, as well as their creditworthiness. Once these two concepts are clear, and this works for both individuals and companies, the entity will make the decision to grant a loan.

It must be clear that when making this type of purchase, certain interest must be paid, and it will depend on the contract that is made. In some cases they will be very high, so before making your purchases you should review the total cost of the loan that is usually in the information given by the financial institution. In the same way, it is important that you know a little bit about the inflation you can expect, so that the debt you are going to acquire is not too big.


Sales of this kind are usually good for all parties involved, as long as you are thoroughly informed and make good decisions. And as a merchant, remember that you can easily manage them from our POS, which has several functionalities for the payment process of purchases. Any questions? Stop by for feedback!

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