Summary invoice: what it is and when to use it

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Sometimes several invoices for several services have to be issued to the same customer. Or the same service provided several times. And in this case, wouldn’t it be easier and faster to put all the bills together? Basically, that’s a summary invoice.

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What is a summary invoice?

Being more technical, a summary invoice is an accounting document that groups together all the purchase and sale operations that the company has carried out with a particular client. In this way, they are all posted at the same time.

One thing to bear in mind with summary invoices is that they cannot collect invoices issued over a period longer than one calendar month.

Cómo hacer una factura recapitulativa

How to make a summary invoice: examples

Apart from the data that every invoice must have and which we indicate below, the summary invoice must include all the concepts of the operations that it covers, as well as the amount of each one.

Summary invoice of ordinary invoices

When we talk about basic purchase and sale invoices, the data to be included are the following:

  • The summary invoice must be clearly identified as such.
  • You must carry a serial number, which is reset to zero when you start a year. The numbers must be sequential.
  • Its issue date must be the last day of the calendar month in which a transaction was carried out.
  • The tax data of both the issuer and the customer. The customer’s data only needs to be entered once, as it is always the same:
    • name
    • fiscal address
  • The taxable base for each operation.
  • The tax rates applied, including the equivalence rate, if necessary.
  • Concept and description of each operation included.

Summary invoice for tickets

If you want to group several tickets or what is the same, simplified invoices, you can also do it. As long as the total amount does not exceed

Otherwise, the data to be included are exactly the same as in the previous case. We stress again that what is important and unique in a summary invoice is to correctly describe the concepts and amounts of each operation collected.

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A note on the operation and issue dates of the summary invoices. If the invoice is issued on July 25, 2018 and includes several deliveries of goods over several days, as in this hypothetical example

  • July 1: Web audit
  • July 9: store migration
  • July 12th: finish design
  • July 20: implementation of improvements (this was the last service)

In this case, the transaction date of the summary invoice is July 20. But it must be issued on the last day of the calendar month in which the transactions took place.

Ejemplo de factura recapitulativaSeeing several dates for the same customer in the example invoice should not lead us to confuse a summary invoice with a recurring invoice. In the latter, we are talking about fixed costs that are repeated automatically every month.

It’s like differentiating between making an automatic transfer on the 10th and 20th of each month to the same recipient (recurring invoice), or having to make several transfers a month at different times, but you have the option of reflecting them all in the same receipt (summary invoice).

The summary invoice and the tax office

A summary invoice, like any other invoice, must comply with all regulations concerning VAT and personal income tax. Both the invoice and its associated VAT must be declared according to the fiscal calendar, as if it were a normal invoice.

What we do have to take into account when we present our accounts to the tax authorities is that the ordinary invoices that have been included in the summary invoice must have been cancelled, so you do not have to declare them. You do have to attach them as annexes to the summary invoice (and do not get rid of them until at least 5 years have passed)

The models to be used will be model 303 of VAT together with the quarterly model 111 of the AEAT. Or the annual model 190, where the quarterly ones 111 are summarized. In the case of amounts exceeding 3,005.06 euros, the model to be used will be the 347 for transactions with third parties. It is best that a specialised person takes care of these arrangements, or at least provides guidance on all the documentation.

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If we carry out different transactions with the same client, within one calendar month, we can speed up our accounting by applying a summary invoice where, as its name indicates, all the services and amounts will be compiled, and perfectly valid for the Treasury.

It goes without saying that with our ERP and POS services, you will be able to issue summary invoices easily and efficiently for your business.

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