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The POS (Point of Sale Terminal) has become a very popular tool in many shops. The different types of POS that exist facilitate the use of this system both in a virtual business, as in physical establishments.

To choose the most appropriate option, it is necessary to take into account where the commercial activity of your company is developed, as well as the characteristics and needs of each business.

For example, InnovaCommerce TPV is an integrated software for physical store that automatically synchronizes with your online store, registering any change.

But, to understand in depth what each of the types of POS that you have, we invite you to read to the end of this article.

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What is a dataphone?

Before talking about the different types of POS that exist, it is necessary to define exactly what these systems are.

A point of sale terminal, also known as a dataphone, are devices that are installed in a commercial establishment, with the aim of charging customers by credit or debit cards.

A dataphone is usually called the physical device, while a POS refers to the entire system, both hardware and software that facilitates this type of payment.

Due to the high prevalence of card transactions, whether in physical or online stores, these types of tools are very useful.

Types of POS

Have you understood the concept? Well, now you are ready to know the types of POS that you can choose for your business

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Traditional or fixed POS

The traditional POS is made up of an integrated software and hardware system. It is the best option for physical establishments, since it allows you to pass the barcode of the products through the reader, register the purchase and issue a sales ticket.

It can also be integrated to a computer in order to control and register all the commercial operations registered by the dataphone or virtual software.

Virtual POS

This is the system usually used by financial institutions for all types of transactions. It is the most suitable for an online store, but it can also be integrated into the traditional software you use in your establishment.

All this so that, automatically, the stock you show in your online store is updated according to the actual stock you have in your physical store.

Mobile POS

If you sell products or services at home, and your business does not have a physical store, the mobile POS is the best option. They are much more compact systems so you can carry them wherever you want.

They allow you to collect card payments or simply register the purchase in the software.

These are the types of POS that are used in most businesses today, although they can all be integrated into one system.

Choose the right POS for your business and keep control of all your business actions in one place

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