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There are hundreds of elements that surround us and of which we do not know how they work. They are there, they provide their service, but rarely, unless they break down, do we pay attention to them, which is a tragedy because that attitude makes us lose the great stories that exist behind everyday objects. For example, USB printers can be found in virtually any business today.

Whether it’s restaurants, cinemas or shops, you’re sure to have run into them and passed them by, just keeping the ticket. The truth is that this type of element is of great importance for companies and although they carry out an apparently small task, without them it would not be possible to make purchases or do business.

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Ticket printers

As we said, ticket printers or POS printers are found in most businesses today. Although they are small items, their function is crucial to the smooth running of sales. Having one of them is a great advantage, especially if you want to lower costs in your business. This can be seen in the use of thermal paper which allows a great saving in printing costs.

In addition, they are very reliable devices that offer the best quality for all the functions that are designed. This type of printer is impact free, and its use is basically for monochrome printing. Inside it has chips that receive the orders from the computer and store the data for printing.

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Its operation is very simple, since when it receives the signals from the source, the printer stores the data in an internal RAM memory also known as Buffer. Once this is done, the electromechanical mechanism arranges the paper according to the specifications we have given it. It uses a beam of light to create the image on the sheet and prints it by means of heat.

The procedure is repeated until the data stored in the buffer is finished. Depending on the model of the printer, it can send a signal to the source to warn that it has finished.

USB printer types

You can find two types of printers on the market: impact or impact-free.


If we wanted to compare this type of printer with some known device, it could be with typewriters. Just like typewriters, whose mechanism worked by pushing an element against an inked ribbon that printed the character on a sheet, impact printers create their prints in the same way. This type of printer is mostly used in large printers.

Impact free

Over time, printers have evolved and now the new range of printers does its job without any kind of blow to the sheet. The information to be printed is fixed to the surface by means of heat. A special paper or a special ribbon is needed for this purpose. Many businesses use them to print their tickets, because they are so easy to use.


What about you? What do you use? Any preferences or experiences to share? Remember that if you have our TPV all the USB printers are compatible, since we have it constantly updated.

<p>If you found this article useful, please rate it with <span>5 stars</span><p>

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