What is a barcode reader?

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A barcode reader is an electronic device that allows you to scan the barcode of products to obtain certain information at the checkout. There are different types of readers with different technologies and different functions.

However, the main function of a barcode reader is to obtain detailed information about a product. The price, the country of origin and the company that sells it, are some of the data offered by a bar code.

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What are barcodes?

A barcode is a set of letters or numbers used to identify a certain product. Each number and bar provides different data that can be deciphered by a barcode reader.

However, there are different types of barcodes according to the information they provide and also the region of the world where they are used.

Types of barcodes

For example, the most common bar code, which is the one we use in Europe, is the European Article Number (EAN), which has thirteen digits. The other standard used in Canada and the United States is the Universal Product Code (UPC) which has thirteen numbers.

Each number has a bar that is different in thickness and spacing. All these characters provide different information and useful data in relation to a product.

Creating a barcode is now very easy, thanks to various online platforms that allow you to do so. Most of them generate barcodes online for non-commercial purposes, such as exchanging gifts or using a certain promotion.

Lector de código QR

QR Code

Some consider that the QR code is the positive evolution of the barcode. It is a square that has a series of characters that also provide information in relation to a product.

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The difference between the QR code and the barcode is that the former offers more information and its use is not restricted to only physical products. With an optical reader that allows you to read this code you will be able to obtain a lot of interesting data.

How can I scan a barcode?

With any smartphone you can see how a QR code is read and also the barcodes.

Most of the current smart phones have powerful cameras that also work as an optical reader to obtain information from these codes. In this way, from anywhere in the world and only with your mobile phone you can know everything you want to know about a particular product.

You may need a specific application for this, but it is also an easy task. There are these apps, for both types of codes, both in Android and in Iphone.

If you do not have one of these applications or a phone of this type, you can use a barcode reader online.


There are many options available to you to obtain detailed information about anything with an identification code, whether barcode or QR. This will help you to know the authenticity of the product, its origin, the price and other data.

<p>If you found this article useful, please rate it with <span>5 stars</span><p>

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