What is a catalogue?

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All Internet stores need to have content according to the market niche they belong to. Precisely, a catalogue constitutes the most important group of contents in a website.

The function of an online catalogue is the same as that of this physical document: to show the products that the company sells, by means of photographs, descriptions and detailed information about them. In a convenient way, the prices of the products on sale are shown or not.

In this article we show you everything you need to know about the online catalogue, as well as the advantages that it can have in your business. Read on to learn more about it and implement all our tips in your business.

What is a catalogue?

An online product catalogue aims to show what you offer in a dynamic and interactive way. It allows you to explore the products by means of photographs, but also to obtain detailed information about their characteristics and functionalities.

Unlike the printed catalogue, its online counterpart has greater advantages, since it can be updated, has a lower cost and allows you to appear in Google searches.

This last advantage is precisely one of the major objectives of creating an online catalog. If you manage to create a professional and complete guide of your products, it will surely appear in the search engines of products and brands.

How to make a product catalog?

To create a catalog is necessary to make an inventory of all products you put on sale. Then, you must detail the fundamental characteristics that your products have, as well as any specification you want to make.

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These details will allow you to improve users’ searches, using filters in relation to the specifications of the products they wish to buy. Keep in mind that the general view of the catalogue only needs photographs or general details, so as not to overwhelm the user, nor make them get lost while browsing your website.

Afterwards, you need to set a price and consider whether it is convenient to take it into account in the catalogue. In online shops, price is usually one of the first elements of display.

Once these steps have been taken, you need to create groups according to the categories of your products. We recommend you to create the groups of categories and subcategories, once you have finished the inventory process, since with a final vision of everything you have it will be easier to group and you will save more time.

Then you must take into account the attributes that the products will have according to their characteristics. For example, for clothing, color and size are some of the most important attributes. These are the ones that indicate the specific product the customer has requested.

When creating the product catalogue you must always think of the user, who will be the final recipient of the product. Try to make it pleasing to the eye and easy to understand and navigate by those who visit your page. All this, with the aim of offering customers a quick, easy and efficient shopping experience.

<p>If you found this article useful, please rate it with <span>5 stars</span><p>

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