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In the business world, the image you present to the public is very important, that’s why logos are crucial for your clients. However, many still wonder,what is a company logo? This is a very good question to ask yourself before making any move in your company.

With a good logo, you will be able to speak to your customers without using words. When done effectively, a logo will transmit confidence, it will become a letter of introduction and a sign of excellence. After all, it is in charge of showing the virtues and values of your business to consumers.

We know it seems complex, and to a certain extent it is, because with a logo you are trying to deliver different messages with a single image. For that reason, before creating the logo for your company, you should know very well its values and the visual idea you want to implement. This will be your identity when, for example, you include it in your invoices, which we recommend you to do.

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Now that we know to a great extent what a logo is for, we will tell you some specific functions that the implementation of a logo will provide you with. We assure you that this is a fundamental point in any business strategy, so don’t ignore all the functions it will provide you with.

It attracts attention

With a logo you will be able to catch the attention of customers in a simple and effective way, and it will also allow you to communicate the values and ideas of your company in an interesting way and without investing in large advertisements. Likewise, in the digital world it is essential to use it in communications.

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First impressions

Undoubtedly, the logo will always be the first presentation of a company to consumers. When it has an excellent design, people will approach it due to the interest it arouses and this will lead them to know more about your company. Otherwise, with a poorly designed logo, customers will not be interested.

Keep in mind that first impressions are very important and they immediately communicate what you offer. In this sense, we recommend you not to skimp on expenses when designing your logo, you will see that it will be a very profitable investment.

Brand Identity

If you want to have a successful brand identity, you must have a story that attracts people and influences their emotions. Although the logo is only a part of the whole branding, we must keep in mind that it becomes the foundation of your brand. Thus, you must define the colors, tones, fonts you will use and all the key aspects in the creation of your logo.

Once this is done, each of the selected elements will be present in the rest of the brand materials. This way, little by little, you will create a concrete and marketable brand identity.

Distinguish from the competition

A logo allows you to be different, to show the particularities of your business, to communicate unique values and, in short, to stand out from your competitors. When you have a good logo design, you will present yourself as a professional, unique and innovative company.

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