What is a POS? Functions and features

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A tool that we have all seen or used at some time, either as consumers or as sellers or merchants. That’s right, the POS is part of our daily life. But what is a POS and what is it for?

In this article we will clarify the most important concepts to understand this essential tool that cannot be missing in any shop.

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What does the abbreviation POS mean?

siglas tpv

The acronym TPV, well known all over the world and used daily by many traders, means “point of sale terminal“. A POS allows you to manage the tasks related to the sale of products within a shop, both physically and online.

This tool is ideal for both physical shops and online stores, being able to manage purchases, customers, invoices and many other points that we will talk about later and help us to facilitate our lives in the day to day of our business.

What is a POS for?

que es tpv

As we said, a POS is a tool that manages and organizes the commercial tasks in an online or physical store. It is a software that allows various functions such as posting the articles purchased, collection management, editing and printing tickets, stock control, product control, inventory management, cash control … etc.

A POS software unifies and synchronizes all operations of an online store and a physical store. The most modern POS like our POS, are designed for touch screens to streamline the various processes of the sale.

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Our TPV, InnovaCommerce TPV, is a super powerful software capable of having your online store synchronized and the physical in real time. It is capable of managing sales, stock or inventory of available products, invoices issued or customer management in real time. That is to say, independently from where the operation is made, it will be reflected in the physical store as well as in your PrestaShop online store.

Functions of a POS

Apart from general functions, a POS usually has the capacity to issue invoices or statistics. It is a fundamental tool for managing a database of customers and suppliers, but also for modifying rates or monitoring the status of products.

With a TPV you can speed up the sales process, giving a better service to customers and ensures that there are no accounting errors or breakage of stock, also allows you to control the daily work of each worker through their tickets to know at all times what their performance is.


In short, you already know what a POS is and what it is for, knowing already what its main characteristics and functionalities are. It is finally the ideal way to optimize the cumbersome work of administration and control from the same terminal all the processes of a store.

<p>If you found this article useful, please rate it with <span>5 stars</span><p>

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