What is an ERP and what is it for?

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Surely you have heard many times about the ERP. We have heard that it is very useful for the control and optimal management of our company. A tool capable of doing all this thanks to technological advances.

But maybe you don’t know exactly what an ERP is and what it is for, all its functionalities and how you can implement it optimally in your company.

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What is an ERP?

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To answer the question of what is an ERP first we must know the meaning of its acronym, in English, Enterprise Resource Planning (Enterprise Resource Manager). That’s right, an ERP is a computer software that takes care of the management of various functions of your company.

ERPs automate many of our company’s tasks associated with production aspects, as well as managing day-to-day processes within the company such as stock management, accounting and customer management.

One aspect that is fundamentally useful for companies is the ease of access to information, having centralized all the functions already mentioned above in a single management tool.

What is an ERP for?

Mainly, an ERP software is a tool capable of improving management within a company, as well as promoting collaboration and communication between different departments. As it is a tool where all the useful information is centralized, the error in the duplication of information disappears, as it would be the case of the stock of the warehouse.

In addition, as the ERP serves as a global tool for centralized information, the location of the information is very simple, being able to search for any type of information from the same tool, as well as facilitating security by being able to make a single backup.

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What are the benefits of an ERP?

Actually, an ERP is a fundamental tool for the management of any company. Of course, the benefits that an ERP brings are notorious, completely improving both internal and external communication, as well as the management of various tasks and processes.

The improvement of productivity is one of the benefits of an ERP in a company. Having a tool where all the information is, makes the search and management of information more efficient. In addition, the automation provided by an ERP helps us to reduce time.

Precisely having all the information centralized helps us to have greater control, being able to manage much more efficiently the treatment of documents, processes or customers without having to use other tools.


In short, an ERP is an indispensable tool in any company. Any business will appreciate the benefits it brings to the day-to-day business, from increased departmental communication, to efficient management of information and resources.

And now that you know what an ERP is, if you’re interested in one, InnovaCommerce ERP is one of the best solutions for your business.

And you, do you have an ERP in your business or are you thinking of having one? Tell us in the comments.

<p>If you found this article useful, please rate it with <span>5 stars</span><p>

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