What is multichannel management

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Bilateral communication with customers is one of the most important actions in the management of any online business. Having different communication channels is the key to achieving closeness and strengthening the link with the users who visit your page and with your most loyal customers.

This is precisely what is called multichannel management or multichannel strategy, establishing contacts and long-term relationships with company users or potential customers to increase sales and encourage business expansion.

In this article you will learn what a multichannel strategy is and how you can implement it in the management of your company.

What is multi-channel?

Multichannel management refers to communication with customers through various channels of interaction. If you only use your website to communicate with your consumers or potential customers, you run the risk of losing potential users who may prefer other communication channels.

Although the main channels of communication are the telephone, email and the company’s website, currently the large Spanish companies use at least six channels to communicate with their customers.

Multichannel Client

The era of digital communication has significantly transformed the traditional customer. Today, there are many ways for commercial agents to interact with each other in order to show their products and establish contact with consumers.

Phone, fax, email, web, chat, mobile applications, joint browsing, social networks, video calls, Whatsapp and many other tools, are ways of interaction for the sale of different products.

On the other hand, multi-channel distribution is not only focused on sales after a previous identification of potential customers, but also on the promotion of products and services to a certain target group, where new consumers could be captured.

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A good example of a multi-channel distribution system can undoubtedly be your company’s sales team. From this group, different types of communication strategies can be devised with qualified personnel.

However, if your company is still growing, you can opt for small actions that, together, make up a fairly complete multi-channel service. The use of mobile messaging, social networks, Whatsapp groups, blogs, newsletters, email and other means of communication can help you strengthen the link with your customers.

It is also possible to carry out offline events that contribute to a greater proximity to potential consumers. Despite the boom in communication technologies, many people prefer the visual and sensitive experience of the products they buy, which is only possible through physical presence.

In these cases you can hold promotional meetings for your products in establishments or points of sale where consumers know directly what you offer and do not just get an idea from an image or description on your website.

As you can see, there are many options available to you in a multi-channel strategy. As long as it is done in an organized and planned way, you can be efficient in communicating with your customers through the channels they prefer.

<p>If you found this article useful, please rate it with <span>5 stars</span><p>

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