What is order logistics?

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The efficiency of your company will depend to a great extent on the speed and effectiveness with which the different departments are managed. In this case, the logistics of orders is extremely important in terms of the sale and distribution of your products.

Performing this task productively will allow you to obtain a higher number of sales and a high level of customer satisfaction. That is why it is important that you know what order management is and all that it implies.

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What is order control?

In order to manage your customers’ orders properly, you will find different computer programs useful in this regard. However, by following certain guidelines related to storage and distribution logistics, you will be able to manage the logistics of products more adequately.

To do this, you must have good stock management in the first place. Controlling the inventory of goods, ordering from suppliers, avoiding breakages in stock, among other actions, are part of the storage logistics that you must follow in your company.

Pasos fundamentales para una correcta logística de pedidos

Fundamental steps for correct order logistics

  1. Receiving customer orders.
  2. Check their authenticity.
  3. Prepare the respective invoices.
  4. Extend the order to the warehouse workers.
  5. Physical preparation of the order. (You can use the picking method)
  6. Pack the final order properly with a presentation that will make an impact on the customer at first sight.
  7. Deliver the order to the transport agency
  8. Finally collect the order. Although some companies do that in advance.
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How are orders prepared?

The preparation of the orders depends on the level of automation that your warehouse has. Usually the picking technique is used, which consists of selecting units from larger batches that may be located in different parts of the warehouse and even in different warehouses.

All this implies a system of selection and preparation of products with trained personnel, so that the order is the one that the customer actually asked for. This will avoid future complaints or dissatisfactions.

The methods or techniques that will be used to prepare orders in your company will depend on the size of your inventory. However, regardless of the size of your business and the number of employees you have, product preparation is an extremely important task.

Not only do you need to prepare the goods properly or all the items the customer requested are there, but also the presentation of the order. The first impression is fundamental to show your brand in a unique and impressive way.


Order control in your company should start with proper stock management, ensuring that the products the customer orders are available. It is therefore important to control the stock of goods, checking their availability on a regular and continuous basis.

Adequate order logistics are essential to manage your company effectively. Keep in mind that your main objective is customer satisfaction and thus increase the number of sales.

<p>If you found this article useful, please rate it with <span>5 stars</span><p>

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