What is picking?

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Picking is an Anglo-Saxon term that refers to a specific activity in a company’s logistics. It involves picking one or more items that are stored in your inventory in different locations and must be part of the shopping bag for one or more orders.

This happens all the time and even with a single order. You may find yourself with a customer who requests units of different items spread out all over your warehouse. To do this you must use a good picking method with the aim of achieving greater productivity and efficiency.

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What is pick to light in logistics?

This method is used in many companies, regardless of the market niche to which they belong. It is labour intensive, which means a higher level of costs for your company. However, it is an important task because customer orders are generally not homogeneous.

There are two types of picking according to the level of automation that your warehouse has. Although in most warehouses, especially in small and medium sized companies, the level of automation is rather low.

Therefore to perform this task requires labor, in this case ”picking operators”, who look for the products requested by the customer.

What is pick and pack?

It is important to understand the importance of these actions.

Picking as explained above, is a way to prepare a given order, selecting the products ordered that are likely to be in different parts of the warehouse.

Packing refers to the process of packing the products that will be delivered to the customer. It takes into account the characteristics of the goods and the way they have to be packed so that they are not damaged.

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In addition, it is necessary to bear in mind that the first impression is extremely important. Therefore, the presentation of the product in front of the customers who receive it must be impressive.

For these tasks there are different techniques that are applied in relation to the size of the stores, with the aim of organizing orders more quickly.

What is voice picking?

This is precisely one of the techniques used to carry out the task of picking in a productive way. This method consists of a person who guides the pickers through an audio system.

The operators would have mobile devices, such as wireless headsets, which would allow them to continue using their hands to pick the products in the warehouse.

What is pick to light?

It is a digital system that guides the operators visually by means of buttons and light panels. It’s a way to reduce the cost of delivery notes and order slips and also increases the speed of workers.


Picking is one of the main activities for any company, especially if it has a large warehouse. So as your business grows, you will need to use similar techniques to quickly and easily fill your customers’ orders.

<p>If you found this article useful, please rate it with <span>5 stars</span><p>

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