What is the box closure?

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Cash closing is the method used to account for both outgoing and incoming cash from a business or enterprise. The main function of this action is to check that the amount of cash or the profits obtained correspond to the value of the sales reported at the cash desk.

For example, the closing of the POS terminal is one of the most widely used methods for managing the financial movements of any business. It is a management method that allows you to carry out cash counting, counting and closing.

In this way, management automation allows you to make more accurate analyses of the movements in your business.

To manage cash movements it is important that you know certain concepts that can clarify the whole process.

What is a cash register tonnage?

Cash tonnage consists of analysing cash transactions, or financial transactions in general, at a given time. It seeks to verify that the existing cash has been correctly accounted for and that the balance reflected in the account corresponds to what is on the payment receipts of any kind.

Squaring a cash register is one of the most important actions in a business, so it must be done on a regular basis. If you do it correctly you will be able to know how your business flows financially and check the existence of losses or gains.

¿Qué es el cierre de caja?
Once you learn how to balance the cash box properly, you will be more productive in your online store.

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If you also have a physical store – as you remember that our POS works for both – a good example of cash counting should take into account the amount of notes and coins in cash that exist at that time or for a certain period of time. Similarly you need to identify the cheques, promissory notes and other forms of payment that may exist.

You must control the bank movements that respond to that account and the ways in which they were made. And you should always specify the date and the person who is responsible for that cash flow.

What are the cash register discounts?

Cash drawings occur when the amount of cash or other money does not correspond to the reported sales values. In this sense, there can be surpluses (when there is money left over) and shortages (when there is money missing).

The cutbacks can be reduced by using more modern boxes or automated closing systems.

In short, sometimes cutbacks are an inherent part of the business. The aim is to devise a more effective methodology to reduce these as the business grows, as we have done in Innovadeluxe.


Without a doubt, the daily or periodic cash flow closure has a significant influence on the productivity and efficiency of a business. Therefore, managing your cash flow properly will allow you to grow quickly and professionalize your economic activity.

<p>If you found this article useful, please rate it with <span>5 stars</span><p>

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