What is the Buyer Persona?

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The individual buyer is the ideal buyer model for a certain product or service.

From socio-demographic characteristics, political orientation, information on their online behavior, professional, their tastes, and above all their needs as a consumer, are fundamental aspects to profile them.

An example of a personal shopper would be: a customer archetype, which meets certain characteristics of the ideal buyer for our business.

Any marketing strategist will agree on what: it doesn’t matter how relevant your brand is, nor how many resources you allocate to promote your business; if you don’t take into account the ideal buyer, their needs and motivations, you will be throwing away all the work.

That is why it is very important to have a clear profile of our buyer person. This will allow us to generate marketing content in a much easier way and with a more accurate approach.

In this post we will give you all the information that you need to take into account to build the ideal archetype of buyer person.

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Types of personal shoppers: what you need to know

There are several types of buyer persons:

  • B2B or Business to business : This term is used in the business to business scenario. The personal buyer would be the professionals of these companies, but not just anyone; but those who make the purchase decisions

Bear in mind that, beyond the fact that this type of professional responds to the interests of his company, he is still an individual with tastes and tendencies determined by his personality, socio-demographic characteristics, living conditions, etc.

  • B2C or Business to client : Unlike the previous concept, this one applies to the relationship between the company and the direct consumer. In this case, the final customer is the person who buys our goods or services according to their tastes and/or needs.
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Defining a buyer person may seem easy to you. However, it really isn’t

It takes many hours of research, having a sociological and demographic perspective, handling web tools, etc. so it is highly recommended to go to a professional.

What is clear is that defining your ideal buyer will allow you to expand your client portfolio and position your brand in the market.

And then what?

Once you have the right buyer, the next step is to create customer groups.

Customer group management is very important. This will allow us to better organize the universe of our customers, as well as to identify the most requested products or services.

Our TPV includes the useful option of managing our client groups, organizing and classifying them according to our needs; being able for example to create groups of VIP clients or with access to discount and/or other guarantees that will wake up the interest and the affiliation of your users.

We hope you found our post useful. If you need advice on profiling your buyer and creating customer groups, do not hesitate to access our website for more information.

<p>If you found this article useful, please rate it with <span>5 stars</span><p>

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