Change log and Updates

Find out about the progress being made in InnovaCommerce applications. What do the versions mean? We explain it to you.

First digit of numbering

This ta is the total change of version and what indicates that it is a completely new version. This usually happens with Prestashop version changes. Every time Prestashop jumps to a new version, the InnovaCommerce applications do the same to be compatible. Usually all or part of the program is rewritten to make it compatible with the new features of Prestashop.

Second digit of the number

The second digit of the version, when it changes is an indication that new functionality has been added in the application. These features are considered important. New additions to manage new aspects for the merchant. Integrations with other software etc… This is happening more and more, as this digit is not changed until you have several new features in the program.

Third digit of the number

This digit indicates that small functionalities have been added to the application. These are additions that improve performance, ease of use or small things that were missing in the application. This change in version usually happens every couple of months or so. It does not have a fixed periodicity, as there are seasons when new features are not added and others when several features are added together.

Fourth digit of number

This digit indicates the solution of small errors or bugs in the application. These are small things that are easy to fix. You can get a lot of updates by varying just this digit of the program version. These fixes do not imply any significant change in the application. Usually an update will be released accumulating several fixed reports.
It may be the case that after an update of the application, it stops working or errors appear that were not there before the update. This can be considered normal and possibly, while you are writing to the technical support they are already at it or even solved.

If after an update you see something abnormal or that does not work properly, you should return to a previous state your InnovaCommerce application and accept the update again the next day. This is the same procedure as always, since updates are very tested, but it can happen, given the nature of this application, that some users show certain bugs.

To return to a previous state of your application, proceed as follows:

1 – Open your “control panel”
2 – Look for the “uninstall a program” option
3 – In the list, locate “innovacommerce” and double click on it.
4 – A maintenance window will open, choose the option “Return to a previous state”
5 – After this operation, you will have returned to a version that worked before, accept an update the next day (do not accept the same day’s because the problems may still be unresolved)

I’ve gone back to a previous state, everything works, but I don’t get updates anymore, how can I update?

To carry out a manual update, contact us so that we can help you and give you other details for your specific case.

If you have any problems, please contact us.

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