What are product attributes?

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The attribute of a product is nothing more than a concept used mainly in virtual buying and selling processes. They can be tangible and intangible, depending on the product in question.

The attributes are useful to have a “data sheet” of the good and helps to assign value / price to them according to the market.

In other words, attributes are those aspects of an article that offer value and help to position our product in the market

Their study, management and commercial exploitation will allow the success of our marketing strategy and ultimately also of our business.

Knowing and mastering the attributes of a particular product is useful to develop an effective marketing strategy, not only for the consumer but also in view of the competition.

In this post, we will define the different types of attributes that can be assigned to a product. In addition, we will explain how to differentiate it from other similar concepts used in the ecommerce world.

Features and attributes of a product are not the same thing

In the world of digital commerce it can be confusing to differentiate between attributes and features. You are not the only one. Among so many concepts and information available on the internet this distinction can be very complex.

Attributes and features of a product are not synonyms, nor do they have the same weight in marketing, so it seems important to distinguish between them.

The basis of this confusion could be due to the fact that, in some cases, the attributes of a product can be the characteristics of a very different product.

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In terms of functions, there are also differences.

The characteristics of a product allow us a “technical” description of the product, while the attributes have the mission to highlight the value and functionality of the article in the face of the interests and needs of the customer.

An example of product attributes that can help discern between one concept or another would be the following: The sale of a jean in an online store is positioned with the attributes (colors and sizes), while in the description of the same you will find its characteristics (pockets, zipper)

There are levels of attributes

There are several levels of product attributes, in this post we want you to know the fundamental ones and exemplify them.

Physical: This refers to the material aspects of a product. For example: color, size, weight, volume, packaging, labeling. It should be noted that the physical attributes are usually the most important for the consumer when evaluating a product.

Functional: It has to do with the utilities provided by a particular good. For example: price, life time, usability, design, etc.

Psychological: Here would come into play issues such as brand, labels and certified quality of the product; aspects that often influence the positioning of an item in the market.

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